Planet Tango thanks you for another great fun filled weekend

2nd New Orleans TangoFest
August 15 - 17, 2003

300 Canal Street

"Live From The Tango Belt"




fabulous beginners and challenging intermediate/advanced workshops
three nights with the friendliest
local and visiting dancers
optional choices for dinners, shows and graduation showcase

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Photos courtesy of Anie Garaudy, Warren Mc Croccklin, Adam Hoppengardner, Bob Diaz, Ulises Cervantes and Flash Gordo

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New Orleans has been charming visitors for nearly three centuries. Imagine the tango against the magical background of wrought iron balconies, lush, leafy courtyards and quiet cobblestone alleys. Share the experience of a lifetime where it's all about you on center stage, with everything designed for your enjoyment. In New Orleans you will find a combination of tango, local attractions and genuine friendship. The Double Tree Hotel, located at the foot of Canal Street, offers the best of both worlds -- the Old World allure of the French Quarter, with its elegant Creole restaurants, world-renowed art galleries and antique shops -- and the bustle of Canal Street, the Crescent City's Champs-Elysees and downtown shopping thoroughfare.

Above all, New Orleans is home to a great tango community. Spend an exhilarating extended weekend in the Crescent City dancing to great music with the finest dancers in the country.

Located on Canal Street, "staggering" distance from the world famous French Quarter, overlooking the Mississippi River and a hop, skip and a jump from the city's major business and entertainment districts

 With 15 foot ceilings and floor to ceiling windows, the International Ballroom, on the top floor will be the perfect setting for Saturday night's dinner/show and dance

Rooms feature individual climate control, electronic doors, 25" cable TV, high speed Internet access, coffeemaker, iron, an ironing board and hairdryer. Other amenities include an outdoor swimming pool, valet parking and 24 hours room service. 
Classes will be held here



8 pm - cocktail reception and dancing the house of tango, 509 octavia street


9:30 am beginner
10:45 am beginner
12 noon - LUNCH - 1:15 pm
1:30 pm beginner
2:45 pm beginner

9:30 am intermediate
10:45 am intermediate
12 noon - LUNCH - 1:15 pm
1:30 pm intermediate
2:45 pm intermediate
7:30 pm - dinner at the double tree hotel, 300 canal street
9:30 pm - "Live From The Tango Belt" show and open dance


9:30 am beginner
10:45 am beginner
12 noon - LUNCH - 1:15 pm
1:30 pm beginner
2:45 pm beginner

9:30 am intermediate
10:45 am intermediate
12 noon - LUNCH - 1:15 pm
1:30 pm intermediate
2:45 pm intermediate
7:30 pm - dinner at the double tree hotel, 300 canal street
9 pm graduation showcase and open dance



Guillermina Quiroga started as a ballet dancer and her professional career found her on stage as a performer in important works such as Carmina Burana, Coppelia, Principe Igor, Aida, Don Quijote and others.

In 1988 she entered the world of the milongas in Buenos Aires becoming the partner of choice of the seasoned milongueros, particularly Puppy Castello. One year later she was awarded the coveted "Hugo del Carril" first place trophy in the first edition of the prestigious tango tournament sponsored by the municipality of Buenos Aires. Thus begun her professional career as a tango dancer.

A career that earned her soloist and prima ballerina billing with the Julio Iglesias world tour, the orchestras of John Mauceri, Luis Bacalov, maestros Jose Colangelo, Mariano Mores, Beba Pugliese, Orlando Tripodi, Juan Jose Mosalini and Color Tango, and the critically acclaimed shows Tango x 2, Tango Argentino, Forever Tango and Malambo.

More than fifty countries and on the most prestigious stages she has received the accolades of both critics

 and public for her exquisite, pristine and authentic performance of the Argentine Tango dance: Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Radio City Music Hall, Gershwin Theater on Broadway, Town Hall in New York, Hollywood Bowl, Universal Studios Amphitheater, Harvard University, Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, The Kremlin in Moscow, Herodes Athicus at the Partenon in Athens, Luna Park, Teatros Opera, Gran Rex, Metropolitan, Lola Membrives and San Martin in Buenos Aires.

She was recognized with a special mention at the Tony Awards for the best choreography, for Lo Que Vendra, the company grand finale of Forever Tango. She choreographed Libertango for the 1997 Ice skating World champions Gritsuk-Platov, who obtained the gold medal in Nagano, Japan a year later. She also choreographed Fantasia de Tango for Cassano Dancing in 1997, El Choclo for the Japanese Ballet Johnies, Oblivion for Tango Magic, and various compositions for the Julio Iglesias World Tour 1997-98-99.

Alberto Catala is a milonguero of the new generation so successful that for seven years he has been teaching and performing exclusively in Buenos Aires, at the most prestigious salons of the city of Buenos Aires. He has been followed by loyal crowds of learners from academy to academy, such as Cristal, Gricel Norte, Canning and many others.

He has been recognized as one of the most distinguished "maestros de tango" at Sin Rumbo, The Cathedral of Tango, where he gives exhibitions on a regular basis. Early in August, he and Guillermina will make their official debut in front of a demanding audience at Salon Canning in Buenos Aires.

Theirs is the union of two strong and distinctive personalities complementing each other and fusing the stage, the milonga, the salon and the fantasia in a major display of talent and variety.

In another facet of her talented career, Guillermina has already been featured on the silver screen, claiming as her credits, Naked Tango, Oratorio a Gardel, Funes - un gran amor, Despues de la tormenta, Tango, and Marie Galante in Buenos Aires. She just made her Hollywood debut as an actress and choreographer in Valentina's Tango.

Bringing together her multifaceted talent as a dancer, teacher, choreographer and actress, she has produced her own show, Los tangos de la cabala, where the mystic and mystery of the tango, the enigma of human relations and the magic of the movies interweave and intertwine on stage.


Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart have earned a reputation as one of the brightest minds in the  field of Argentine Tango teaching. They are praised and acclaimed as the foremost Master Teachers and historians living in the United States. They teach and dance the traditional and authentic concept of improvisation developed by the originally masters in the late 1930's and practiced by dancers in the social settings of the Buenos Aires milongas.

ALBERTO grew up in the streets of Buenos Aires, becoming a successful businessman in California over a thirty year period before he got the call of the tango twelve years ago under the inspiration and tutelage of Eduardo Arquimbau, Carlos Copello, Orlando Paiva and the late Rodolfo Cieri before traveling to Buenos Aires in 1997 and becoming one of a handful of disciples of legendary grand master of tango Mingo Pugliese.


VALORIE was born in the Midwest, grew up and had a successful fifteen career as an internationally recognized event designer in New York before being drawn to the tango. As an artist she possesses a natural sensitivity for the Argentine Tango, the music, the dance and its culture. Graciela Gonzalez was her first mentor. Esther Pugliese contributed greatly to her formation in the authentic Argentine style of dancing, and she developed a unique quality for dancing and teaching in a journey which begun in 1995 alongside ALBERTO.

ALBERTO and VALORIE now reside in New Orleans, and together they have given master classes, lectures and workshops in cities across America, from Anchorage to Miami, from San Francisco to New York, and hundred of cities in between. They have been instrumental in developing new communities, training qualified local teachers and encouraging efforts to preserve, foster and educate on the core social and cultural values of the Argentine Tango.

They are at the top of their form as master teachers teaching and practicing the traditional and authentic concept of improvisation. Gustavo Naveira has called ALBERTO "an old milonguero with a modern mindset for the dance." Mingo Pugliese said, "ALBERTO possesses one of the most impressive powers of improvisation in the world."

ALBERTO and VALORIE encourage dancers of all levels and all ages to explore the possibilities of dancing with freedom on the spur of the moment, with confidence and an educated understanding of the music and structure of the dance. For that, they bring years of research, experience and actual results applied to their widely recognized clear and fair methodology for teaching the core concepts of the structure of the dance.

In addition, they publish El Firulete, the Argentine Tango magazine, and are the authors of the inspirational series TANGO, OUR DANCE which is available on line at Planet Tango's website.

The contents of their workshops always focus on the TOOLS for successful improvisation (clockwise and counterclockwise trajectories, changes of front, changes of direction), the CODE of the tango (turns/giros with displacements/sacadas and enrosques), and the traditional and modern ways to BREAK the code without breaking the rules. Challenging, but rewarding.

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