Tango Lyrics in Spanish and English


I don’t know what your eyes have done to me
Music by: Francisco Canaro
Lyrics by: Francisco Canaro
Translated by: Alberto Paz
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Last update on: 2/14/07

Thanks to Kev Hop for editing and improving the translation to sound more natural  in English

Version en castellano English translation
Yo no se si es cariño el que siento,
yo no se si sera una pasion,
solo se que al no verte, una pena
va rondando por mi corazón...
Yo no se que me han hecho tus ojos
que al mirarme me matan de amor,
yo no se que me han hecho tus labios
que al besar mis labios, se olvida el dolor.

Tus ojos para mi
son luces de ilusion,
que alumbra la pasion
que albergo para ti.
Tus ojos son destellos
que van reflejando
ternura y amor.
Tus ojos son divinos
y me tienen preso
en su alrededor.
Tus ojos para mi
son el reflejo fiel
de un alma que al querer
querra con frenesi.
Tus ojos para mi seran
la luz de mi camino
que con fe me guiaran
por un sendero
de esperanzas y esplendor
porque tus ojos son, mi amor!

Yo no se cuantas noches de insomnio
en tus ojos pensando pase;
pero se que al dormirme una noche
con tus ojos pensando soñe...
Yo no se que me han hecho tus ojos
que me embrujan con su resplandor,
solo se que yo llevo en el alma
tu imagen marcada con el fuego de amor.
I don't know if what I feel it's affection ,
I don't know if it might be a passion,
All I know is that not seeing you,
brings sadness to my heart..
I do not know what your eyes have done to me
that their looks kill me with love,
I do not know what your lips have done to me
that in kissing my lips, the banish pain.

Your eyes are for me
lights of hope,
that illuminates the passion
that I lodge for you.
Your eyes are sparkles
that go reflecting
tenderness and love.
Your eyes are divine
and they hold me prisoner
in their sights.
Your eyes for me
are the faithful reflection
of a soul that in lovlng
will love with frenzi.
Your eyes are for me
the light for my way
that with faith will guide me
through a path
of hopes and splendor
because your eyes are, my love!

I do not know how many sleepless nights
I've spent thinking of your eyes;
but I know that falling asleep one night
thinking of your eyes, I dreamt...
I do not know what your eyes have done to me
that they bewitch me with their brightness,
All I know that I carry in my soul
your image branded with love's fire

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