Tango Lyrics in Spanish and English


Music by: Carlos Di Sarli
Lyrics by: Jose Maria Contursi
Translated by: Alberto Paz
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Last update on: 7/3/06

Dear Alberto:
My daughter died June 17 in a tragic accident, and we had a Celebration of her life last Saturday. At the end, we had a memory sharing period, then we had three tangos played: 'Bahia Blanca' and 'Verdemar' by DiSarli, and 'La Cumparsita' by Troilo. I do not speak Spanish, but I did an internet Google translation of 'Verdemar' to get a rough feel for the lyrics before burning the CD for the funeral director.
Would it be possible for you to translate the song? I would greatly appreciate it. My tango music has been a great comfort this past difficult week.
My daughter played violin, and her violin teacher played the violin for about 20 minutes just before the memory sharing segment.
I had to leave the room after the first two measures, I was just overcome by emotion and needed some time alone.
She was a beautiful, spirited young woman who made a deep impression on many people in life. -- M.D.

Version en castellano English translation
Verdemar... Verdemar...
Se llenaron de silencio tus pupilas.
Te perdí, Verdemar.
Tus manos amarillas, tus labios sin color
y el frío de la noche sobre tu corazón.
Faltas tú, ya no estás,
se apagaron tus pupilas, Verdemar.

Te encontré sin pensarlo y alegré mis días,
olvidando la angustia de las horas mías.
Pero luego la vida se ensañó contigo
y en tus labios mis besos se morían de frío.
Y ahora... ¿qué rumbo tomaré?
Caminos sin aurora me pierden otra vez.

Volverás, Verdemar...
Es el alma que presiente tu retorno.
Llegarás, llegarás...
Por un camino blanco tu espíritu vendrá
Buscando mi cansancio y aquí me encontrarás.
Faltas tú... Ya no estás...
Se apagaron tus pupilas, Verdemar.
Verdemar... Verdemar...
Your eyes filled with silence...
I lost you, Verdemar.
Your yellow hands... your lips without color
And the cold of the night in your heart.
You are missing... you are no longer here...
Your eyes have extinguished, Verdemar.

I met you without thinking it, and I cheered my days
forgetting the anguish of my hours.
But soon life was merciless with you
and in your lips my kisses died of cold.
And now... what course will I take?
Roads without dawn get me lost again.

You will return, Verdemar...
It’s the soul that has a premonition about your return.
You will arrive, you will arrive...
Through a white road your spirit will come
Looking for my fatigue and here you will find me.
You are missing... you are no longer here...
Your eyes have extinguished, Verdemar.

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