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Not placed (1950)  

Music by: Juan Riverol y Francisco Loiácono (Barquina)
Lyrics by: Juan Riverol y Francisco Loiácono (Barquina)
Translated by: Ruddy Zelaya
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From Ruddy Zelaya

In the horse racing world "No Place" refers to a horse who does not make it to the money because it does not place
in one of the top positions, e.g., 1st, 2nd, etc.
This tango is about a mare that the singer bought and took care of because he believed in it.
After spending a season taking care of the horse, he is resigned to the idea that she is a loser. The horse now races in "cuadreras" which are races where horse data (info on prior races, surfaces, name of the sire, trainer, etc.) is not posted.
To keep to the spirit of the song, I translated some words loosely.
For example, the word "cuidador" directly translates to "caretaker" which is not what was intended in the lyrics. Ditto for
"Hija de..." which is a Spanish double entendre that translates to "Daughter of" but is the equivalent of "Son of a... [bitc*]".
A "Cancha" is any place where games of skill or strength are played, e.g., soccer, or in this case the horsetrack.

Version en castellano

English version

Mirando tu performance
del hipódromo platense,
nunca al marcador llegaste.
Siempre fuiste "No Placé".
Se le sentó en la largada,
la pecharon en el codo.
Eso gritó la gilada.
Y por eso te compré!

Me pasé una temporada
al cuidado de tus patas.
Te compré una manta nueva.
Y hasta apoliyé en el box!
Relojeandote el apronte.
la partida a palo errado...
Yo no se quien me ha engañado,
si fuiste vos o el reloj.

Te anoté en una ordinaria.
Entraste medio prendida.
Dijeron: Es por la monta
o es bombero el cuidador".
Es tu sangre que te pierde.
Hija de... "Desobediencia"...
No saldras de perdedora,
pues te falta corazón.

Ahora corrés en cuadreras...
No tenés la manta aquélla,
no te preocupa la cancha,
el stud, ni el cuidador. .
Pero si algún día de éstos
te vuelvo a ver anotada...
Yo me juego la parada,
porque soy buen perdedor.
Looking at your performance
at the [rio]platensian hippodrome,
never to the [score]board you made it.
You were always "No Place".
He delayed you at the start,[the jockey]
they hit you[the other riders] at the turn.
That's what the fools yelled.
And that's why I bought you!

I spent a season
taking care of your legs.
I bought you a new blanket.
I even slept in the stall
Clocking your trial runs.
The start at full run...
I don't know who fooled me,
if it was you or the stopwatch.

I signed you up to a regular[race].
You started half lit.
They said: "It's because of the rider
or the trainer is inept".
It's your blood that loses
Sonnafa... "Disobedience"...
You'll never outgrow being a loser,
because you lack heart.

Now you race in simple races...
You don't have that blanket,
the racetrack doesn't worry you,
nor the trainer, nor the stud.
But if one of these days
I see you again in the race form...
I'll gamble my fortune,
because I'm a good loser.

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