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Guys, the round begins (1941)
Music by: Luis Porcell
Lyrics by: Leopoldo Diaz Velez
Translated by: Alberto Paz
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Diaz Velez is a poet, singer and reciter born in the upscale Barrio Norte of Buenos Aires September 1st, 1917. Todo Tango's Ricardo Blaya considers him a great friend and companion among all the members of the group of collectors he leads. Leopoldo is, undoubtedly, one of the great romantic authors of the tango. Its original title was "Muchachos se armó la milonga," a more lunfardesque yet harmless expression.  The name had to be changed because of a military regulation banning the use of vulgar language on the airwaves. In their myopic view, the ruling military were "defending the purity of the national language" being attacked by an influx of foreign (read immigrant) colloquialism. Alberto Castillo first sang the song while singing with the orchestra of Ricardo Tanturi. But Castillo left that orchestra and did not get to record it. On August 6, 1943 Enrique Campos made his debut with the Tanturi orchestra, and he recorded it for the Victor label that same evening.

Version en castellano English translation
Muchachos, comienza la ronda
que el tango invita a formar
¿Quién, al oir el arranque
de un son tan brillante,
no sale a bailar?
Yasí enredar su emoción
a esta canción
que en nuestras almas se ahonda.
Muchachos, comienza la ronda...
Vayan pasando al salón.

No se pierdan ni un compás de este tango
que va cautivando rebelde y dulzón.
Entre vueltas y requiebros galantes
imaginemos hoy vivir el tiempo de antes;
ese tiempo feliz
del chambergo bien gris,
el piropo locuaz
y el farol de arrabal.
No se pierdan ni un compás de este tango...
Así, al escucharlo, ¡qué lindo es bailar!

Oyendo este son tan porteño
revive mi corazón...
Mientras entono este tango
me voy oluidando
de todo dolor.
Su musiquita cordial
y sin igual en nuestras almas se ahonda...
Muchachos, comienza la ronda...
Vayan pasando al salón.
Hey guys, the round begins,
the tango is inviting to form it.
Who, hearing the beginning
of such a brilliant son,
is not going to get up and dance?
And so entangling the emotion
to this song
that goes deepeer in our souls.
Hey guy, the round begins...
Go into the salon.

Don't miss a single beat of this tango
captivating, rebellious and overly sweet.
In between turns and gallant compliments
let's imagine today living in a foregone time;
that happy time
of the real gray broad-brimmed soft hat,
the loquacious compliment
and the suburb’s lamppost.
Don’t miss a single beat of this tango…
So, in listening to it, how nice it is to dance!

Listening to this son native of Buenos Aires
My heart revives…
While I sing this tango in tune
I’m beginning to forget
all the pain.
Its little music cordial
and without par, goes deeper in our souls.
Hey guys, the round begins…
Go in to the salon.

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