Tango Lyrics in Spanish and English

Smoking I wait (1922)
Lyrics by: J. Viladomat y Felix Garzó Music by: J. Viladomat y Felix Garzó

Translated by: Alberto Paz (1) - Julia Shaw (2) Return to Table of Contents
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This is a tango of Spanish origen imported to Argentina by singer Tania, who later married Enrique Santos Discepolo. It quickly become a success in Buenos Aires and it was first recorded by Roberto Firpo in an instrumental version. Rosita Quiroga recorded for the Victor label in July, 1927. Ignacio Corsini recorded it in December, 1927 with lyrics modified to accomodate the male singer. This tango became very popular again in the 1950's. Hector Varela, in 1955 for the Columbia label, and Carlos Di Sarli in 1956 for the Victor label, recorded the successful song with the voice of Argentino Ledesma

Fumar es un placer, genial, sensual...
Fumando espero al hombre que yo quiero,
tras los cristales de alegres ventanales
Y mientras fumo mi vida no consumo
porque flotando el humo me suelo adormecer.

Tendida en mi sofá, fumar y amar,
ver a mi amado feliz y enamorado,
sentir sus labios besar con besos sabios.
Y el devaneo sentir con más deseo,
cuando sus ojos siento sedientos de pasión.

Por eso estando mi bien
es mi fumar un eden.
Dame el humo de tu boca
Dame que en mi,
pasión provoca.
Corre que quiero
enloquecer de placer,
sintiendo ese calor
del humo embriagador
que acaba por prender
la llama ardiente del amor.

La hora de inquietud con él no es cruel
sus espirales son sueños celestiales,
y forman nubes que hacia la gloria suben
y envuelta en ella, su chispa es una estrella,
que luce clara y bella con límpido fulgor.
To smoke is a brilliant, sensual pleasure...
Smoking I wait for the man I love,
behind the glass of happy large windows.
And while I smoke my life I don't consume
because floating the smoke I usually fall to sleep.

Laying in my sofa, smoking and making love,
seeing my loved one happy and enamored,
feeling his lips to kiss with wise kisses.
And feeling the affair with more desire,
when I feel his eyes thirsty with passion.

For when my darling is in
my smoking is an eden.
Give me the smoke from your mouth
Give me that in me,
provokes passion
Run that I want
to go crazy with pleasure,
feeling that heat
of the intoxicating smoke
that ends up lighting up
the ardent flame of the love.

The hour of restlessness with him is not cruel
his spirals are celestial dreams,
and they form clouds that towards the glory raise
and surrounded in it, his spark is a star,
that shines clear and beautiful with limpid splendour.
To smoke is a brilliant, sensual delight…
Smoking I wait for the man I love
behind the wide panes of pleasant windows
and as I smoke I consume not life,
tending to sleep in the drifting smoke.

To lie on my sofa, smoke and love
to see my lover happy loving me
to feel his lips kiss with wise kisses
and more keenly desire the affair,
feeling the thirst for passion in his eyes.

When my love is near
smoking is an Eden.
Give me the smoke from your mouth,
give, for it sparks
passion within.
Run to me; I want
to go crazy with pleasure
feeling the heat of
intoxicating smoke
that has just ignited
love's burning flame.

The restless hour is not cruel, with him
his spirals are celestial dreams
forming clouds that ascend into glory
and wrapped in the mist, his spark is a star
shining with beauty clear and bright.
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