Tango Lyrics in Spanish and English


Blind (1935)

Roberto Maida
with the orchestra of Francisco Canaro
Music by: Luis Rubinstein
Lyrics by: Luis Rubinstein
Translated by: Alberto Paz
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Last update on: 10/28/07

Requested by Victor Levant.
Notice that the voice of the singer, Roberto Maida in this case, sings only the refrain. These were the early days of the tango singer, first incorporated by Francisco Canaro as a novelty, and later becoming another instrument during the golden years (1938-1950's)

Version en castellano English translation
Sumando mentira tras mentira,
infamia tras infamia,
mataste mi querer..,
Me diste el horrible desencanto
de haber querido tanto
lo que no pudo ser...
Ni siquiera te guardo encono;
no te desprecio ni te perdono.
Dejaste tan sólo en mi existencia
la misma indiferencia
que vos tuviste ayer.

Ciego, estaba ciego en mi delirio...
Ciego, porque ese amor era un martirio
Y ahora que cayó
la venda de mis ojos
me asqueo al recordar
tus lindos labios rojos...
Ciego, bendita sea mi ceguera
si al fin
saltó la venda y vi que eras
una vulgar muñeca de cartón!...

Comprendo, tal vez un poco tarde,
mis celos de cobarde,
mi angustia y mi temor...
Pensaba que cuando te perdiera
la vida misma diera
en aras de mi amor...
Porque veo que no me muero,
que estoy contento...que no te quiero!...
Y en medio de tanta indiferencia
la luz de la experiencia
me alumbra el corazón.
Adding lie after lie,
infamy after infamy,
you killed my love...
You caused me the horrible disillusion
of having loved so much
what it couldn't be...
I don't even have rancor;
I don't despise you nor I forgive you.
You only left in my existence
the same indifference
that you had yesterday.

Blind, I was blind in my delirium...
Blind, because that love was a martyrdom.
And now that the blindfold
fell off my eyes
it disgusts me to remember
your pretty red lips...
Blind, blessed be my blindness
if at the end
the blindfold fell and I saw you were
a vulgar cardboard doll...

I understand, perhaps a little late
my coward's jealousy,
my anguish and my fear...
I thought that when I'd loose you
my own life I'd give
for the sake of my love...
Because I see that I'm not dying,
that I am happy... that I don't love you...!
And in the midst of so much indifference
the light of the experience
illuminates my heart.

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