A TANGO SOIREE - June 4, 2005
Thank you so much for a wonderful evening

This goes out to all of our tango friends and community.....The gala last night given by Alberto and Valorie was one definitely not to be forgotten by all who attended. The friendship of all was so warm and inviting that the comfort level upon entering the door was pure love....of people.....of tango.....of food.....of sharing.....and care!

I can not keep repeating this enough, but each time Alberto and Valorie give to the
community, they go above and beyond what's imagined. Thanks so much for a wonderful evening, and thank you so much for sharing us with Argentina in your Fabulous tango editorial film to be aired in BA.
New Orleans  and our tango community was indeed shown at its very best. -- Linda and Roy

A most pleasurable evening amongst good friends

Just wanted to thank you for the invitation to share in last evening's fabulous food, films, and friendship. It is always a pleasure for me to spend time at Valorie and Alberto's beautiful home, and to partake of the graciousness and warmth with which they entertain their friends and lovers of tango.

I am so appreciative of the effort that Alberto went to, in preparing traditional Argentine empanadas... They were delicious! We all ate more than our fill of the delicious foods and sweets that he made, or that were brought and shared by other guests.

The video portion of the evening was a real treat. We can now add film editing to Alberto's list of many talents! It was a privilege to get a "sneak preview" of the video from the 2004 New Orleans TangoFest, and of the piece that will be shown on Argentine television featuring tango in New Orleans.

While there was plenty of tango, in many varieties, well presented in both pieces, I think the thing that makes each uniquely special is the interspersing of music and footage of scenes of the life and spirit of the city we call home.(I especially liked the scenes of Miz V dressed to the nines for the Easter parades).

The joy that is continuously celebrated, and the love that we all share for our community (both of New Orleans and Tango) is presented in a way that I think will be vibrant and palpable for viewers of these videos. -- Jessica Hack