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August 23 - 25, 2002
August 23 - 25, 2002
A Toast To The Golden Years
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  • 1 great destination
  • 1 great orchestra
  • 1 stop tango boutique
  • 2 special hosts
  • 2 unforgettable shows
  • 2 lavish dinners
  • 3 great milongas
  • 6 teaching masters
  • 12 hours of classes
  • 120 smiles
  • 240 happy feet
Friday, Aug. 31
Welcome Milonga
8:30 PM till ?
Participants only

Saturday, Sep. 1
Reno Tango Ball
9 PM till ?
Dinner, Masters exhibition
Live music with Sexteto Tipico Arrabal
Open to the public. RSVP

Sunday, Sep. 2
Graduation Milonga
9 PM till ?
Dinner, Students exhibition
Live music with Sexteto Tipico Arrabal
Open to the public. RSVP

Saturday, Sep. 1
Session 1: 10 AM - 11:15 AM
Session 2: 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM
Session 3: 2 PM - 3:15 PM
Session 4: 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM

Sunday, Sep. 2
Session 5: 10 AM - 11:15 AM
Session 6: 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM
Session 7: 2 PM - 3:15 PM
Session 8: 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM

Monday, Sep. 3
Session 9: 10 AM - 11:15 AM

Session 10: Noon - 1 PM
Photo Opportunities, hugs, kisses and promises to come back again.

Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau
Legendary performers, teachers and dancers from the Golden Era.

Pablo Ojeda and Beatriz Romero
Prestigious professional dancers and teachers.

Alberto Paz and
Valorie Hart
Nationally renowned dancers recognized as being among the best teachers in the world.


Five minutes from Reno, NV
airport by courtesy shuttle

 Everything under one roof 

 Large Guest Rooms
 Five Restaurants, Cafe
 Fast Food, Elegant Casino
 Three Showrooms
 Shopping Mall, Bowling Alley
 Cinema, Health Spa, Pool 

 All levels welcome
 Singles - Couples
 Even ratio of men and women 

 Tango Boutique
 Clothing, CDs, Shoes
 Videos, Art work 

 Spacious wood dance floors
 Reasonable class size 

 Private classes and
mini workshops
 available at extra cost.

Two dinners included

Planet Tango is pleased to announce its Fifth Annual Labor Day Weekend Tango Getaway once again to be held at the wonderful Reno Hilton in Reno, Nevada. As many of you know, this is a great and unique Argentine Tango weekend combining classes and socializing at its best.
Legendary Tango Masters and Performers Gloria and Eduardo and fabulous Pablo Ojeda and Beatriz Romero will join your hosts and Master teachers Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart for the greatest ever celebration of the Golden Age in North America.

Friday, August 31 is check in and the traditional Welcome Milonga. It’s a good idea to book your bargain airfare and rooms now. The farther ahead you book, the better the room rate. In year's past early birds got $59. per day for either single or double occupancy. So it pays to book early and on your own. Use whatever discounts you have - AAA, AARP, American Express, etc. The rooms are large and generous for sharing. Call 1 800.648.5080 and mention Planet Tango. ($69 until August 1).

Saturday, September 1, morning and afternoon are for classes. The classes are suitable for  any and all levels of dancers, whether this is your first experience or you’re a seasoned dancer. We make a concerted effort to maintain a balanced number of men and women, couples and singles. Class size is kept to a level that allows everyone to get individual attention. On Saturday night, we will host the Reno Tango Ball with dinner and a show produced by the teachers. This event is open to the public at $65 per person.

Sunday, September 2 offers more of the same schedule and amenities. However, at the Sunday night milonga/dinner, the students are invited to do the show in what has become a legendary evening of great performances. It’s great fun! There is also a certificate presentation from the teachers to the students. This event is open to the public at $65 per person.

Monday, September 3 offers the last set of group classes, as well as some extra time to schedule those precious private hours with your teachers. So when you reserve your hotel room, make sure to specify that you want a late check-out on Monday, September 3.

A fabulous Tango Boutique will be set up as well. Clothing, shoes, CD’s, videos will all be available Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

You are welcome to bring your video cameras to record a video notebook of the class material and the performances solely for your own personal use.

Clik here to download a color brochure on PDF format
Gloria and Eduardo

Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau began working together as youngsters with Francisco Canaro on numerous musicals, and they have risen to become one of the most popular tango dancing couples in the world. Their style is the authentic milongueros.
They have performed in Central America, Europe, Japan and the United States, thrilling audiences in venues ranging from “The Ed Sullivan Show” to the Congress Center of the Kremlin in Moscow.
They performed with the critically acclaimed musical Tango Argentino from 1985 to 1992, and with the 1990 Forever Tango tour throughout the United States and Canada. With their Japan tours with their shows Tango, Tango and Corazon de Tango, they paved the way for many shows that followed. They were choreographers and headliners of the original cast of Forever Tango in San Francisco from 1994 to 1995.
In Argentina, they are often seen on television as a duo or accompanied by their own troupe.
Gloria and Eduardo believe that to teach what they have learned, is to really foster their culture. Their exclusive teaching videos have been used by Dance Schools and Tango Academies all over the world. They are the only living masters of the orillero style, and their performances are breathtaking.
Pablo Ojeda y Beatriz Romero

Pablo and Beatriz are dancers, choreographers and teachers from Argentina who have been residing in Spain since 1988. They are pioneers who introduced the Tango Dance in  Spain and parts of Europe.
They have been members of the cast of many touring musical shows and they have danced with the orchestras of Osvaldo Pugliese, Rubén Juarez, Juan J. Mosalini, Alfredo Marcucci, and Luis Borda, among others.
They have developed a teaching methodology that combines the technique of movements and musicality with the elements of the popular Salon Tango.
Their European activities have earned them the reputation of being one of the few couples that bring together the art of heartfelt Tango Show with a clear and precise teaching technique. 
They are the organizers of one of the most important European Festivals: "Encuentros de Tango con los Grandes" that since 1997 is held annually in Madrid on the month of December.
Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart
Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart double up as your hosts and organizers of this event. Their teaching skills are superb, thorough, conceptually clear and fair. They cut to the chase in sharing a time honored method of learning to improvise the Tango at the social level by demystifying the rhetoric and gimmicks that keep dancers from fully becoming the best Tango dancers they can be.
Their classes are A Dance Make Over from Head to Toe, always focusing on elements of floorcraft, musicality, creativity and the signature concept of la marca for improvisation, used by experienced dancers the world over.
They document their travels around the country in their tutorial Tango, Our Dance, an ongoing series of articles published in their magazine El Firulete and available on line. The tutorial has been the source of references and inspiration for many of today's traveling teachers who have adopted the clear language and definitions outlined.
Clik here to download a color brochure on PDF format

Please sign me up for the Fifth Annual Labor Day Weekend Tango Getaway, Aug 31 - Sep 3, 2001

[    ] Regular tuition is $325.
[    ] Special Early registration is $295 if mailed before AUGUST 15, 2001, includes all group classes and two dinner/shows and all three milongas.

[    ] Reno Tango Ball only, Saturday night dinner/show and dance, $65
[    ] Graduation Milonga only, Sunday night dinner/show and dance, $65
[    ] Both Saturday and Sunday dinner/shows and dance, $110

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Please mail payments to
Planet Tango
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