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Gaucho nest (1942) 

Music by: Carlos Di Sarli
Lyrics by: Hector Marco
Translated by: Cristina and Vicente Muñoz
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Last Updated: 2/6/03
Originally recorded by Libertad Lamarque with the orchestra of Mario Maurano for the Victor label in 1942.

Carlos Di Sarli recorded it shortly after in November, 1942 with Alberto Podesta singing the lyrics.

Francisco Canaro also recorded for the Odeon label in 1942 with the voice of Eduardo Adrian.

Di Sarli recorded it again in May, 1955 for the Victor label with the vocals by Mario Pomar.

Osvaldo Pugliese with the voices of Jorge Maciel and Abel Cordoba recorded it for the Phillips label in 1965.

In 1979, Susy Leiva recorded it for the Victor label.

Version en castellano

English version

Luciendo su color de esperanza,
viste el campo
su plumaje.
Y el viento hace vibrar sus cordajes
en los pastos
y en la flor...
Yo tengo mi ranchito en la loma,
donde cantan los zorzales...
y rosales
han brotado
para ti...
Porque un día será ese nido gaucho
de los dos...

Florecerán mis ilusiones...
Y se unirán los corazónes...
Dime que sí! 
Que la noche pampera abrirá
y su rayo de luna pondrá
luz de amor en tus ojos...
No digas no!
Que el dolor secará mi rosal
y en la cruz de mi rancho el zorzal
morirá por tu amor.

Mañana cuando el sol se ilumine
entre gotas de rocío,
el llanto de este cariño mío
sobre el trébol pisarás...
Recuerda que por tí lo he vertido
y si sientes mi tormento,
cara al viento
tus dos alas
Y de un solo vuelo mis tristezas

Shining its colour of hope,
the countryside dresses
up beautifully.
And the voice of the wind vibrates
on the grass
and on the flower…
I have my little ranch on the hillock,
where the thrush sing…
and rosebushes
have sprout
for you…
Because one day this gaucho nest will be
yours and mine…

My aspirations will flourish…
And our hearts will unite…
Tell me yes!
Then the prairie night will open
and its moon ray will create
loving light in your eyes…
Don't say no!
Because the pain will dry up mi rosebush
and the thrush will dye on the cross of my little ranch
for your love .

Tomorrow when the sun will shine
between the dew drops,
the weeping of my affection
over the clover you will step on…
Remember that I have cried for you
and if you feel my torment,
Beatiful swallow!
face to the wind
you will open
your wings…
And with only one flight my sadness
you will kill. 

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