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The commemorative videotape "Highlights of the Fifth Annual Labor Day Weekend Tango Getaway" is now available free of charge to you. To obtain your copy, please send a blank videotape along with a self stamped, self addressed envelope to Planet Tango, 1000 Bourbon St., #202, New Orleans, LA 70116.

Here is some feedback already...

Stupendous? Spectacular? Tom Terrific?

I dunno. I'm not that good at finding the right word to describe my reaction to the Reno Highlights video.

We sat down, intending to watch some of it last night. It had been a long day; nearly a full day at work for me. So it was well after 10:30 PM when we started to watch. To jump to the end of the story, I had to force myself to stop it with about 1/2 hour to go...

Alberto, you blew me out of the water with that sequence of Gloria and Eduardo! Where did you get that??!!? Have you been saving it in your back pocket for just this occasion?

Anyway, congratulations on the project. The tape is a milestone, I think, in tango-event videos. It outclasses anything I've ever seen, and for me it is a permanent record of a unique, treasured moment.

Thank you.

The depth of material is incredible (and of course, having been there makes it even richer) and the little surprises you throw in are wonderful. I loved the subtitling when Pablo said "stop the cameras". :-) And the Gloria/Eduardo TV clip is priceless.

Anyway, we haven't made it through the whole thing yet. we kept wanting to see the demos over and over. I do like the cutting between the different cameras... Oh -- I also really like that you gave the title and orchestra for each couple's music.

This is a tape I will return to for years to come.

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